Our services provided under the company title SMM NEXT is hereby to agree with these terms and conditions. Once you are a registered user of our services you will also agree to the terms and conditions that you are fully aware of to them, services are provided through SMM, and that you will not give help as a user who has not read the terms given below.


It is the latest Terms of Services Agreement for day and year 09th December 2019.
You will not change/neglect, the rules in the mentioned Terms of Service without informing in advance. The changes or alterations that we have stated here are the new policy and settlements, with new conditions that start off from this same above mentioned date of posting.
The revised policy has the stated services mentioned with all the changes in a new set of terms and services. To agree to the policy of changes once you check our website, see all particular points in it.


If you register for the SMM services and later on have personal data changes such as email, password or date of birth, the process of running the account will end and you will need to re-enter your correct and latest information to log back in to your account and to restart our services. The delay in the time wasted will not be added to the contract time agreement made at the beginning.
We have social media accounts that we use to market for increase in customers. We make accounts to promote your market. We will not be held for any banned accounts and for whatever reason it happens. We have automatic running scripts that go on with the social media and market promotions. No extra intrusion is allowed by any users but can be because of problems in working, or for adding extra bonus to your account or improving efficiency, shifting from the normal running processes.
We will not want to be held accountable in any case. Automatic running of our processes are done. We do not allow large copying of the account data, posts or copied communication made online. Our policy about copying data or breaking our laws is strictly not allowed.


Our services will be provided, we will not refund anything if a change of plan or policy is made at any time. You will not be allowed to access an attorney or make use of lawyers for repealing the account or take a refund payment.
If any court action is made at any time after the purchase of the panel, we have full authority to take back or stop offering our services completely with a warning. We will never allow contracts and hiring of our services at any time in future.
You will be asked to make self-payments in case of a need, we do not take responsibility of loss in business incurred by our social media accounts.
Your social media account followers or likes can at any time be cut down or removed by us, accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram will be enacted on.
Once an account has been paid for, no reimbursement or cash return is permitted. A complete cash refund is provided on any extra account if it does not get transferred. Any unsought or personal accounts you make will not be refunded. First confirm your order and then claim from us.
A license is issued by us if there is activity after making of the account.


Once you have agreed to the registration policies you will assure that you are a normal individual and are at least 13 years of age and you agree to the terms and conditions and will obey according to them. It is a necessity for our account holders.


You will be considered wrong and unlawful if without our representative’s permission you copy any material, visuals, text or website’s source code from our website.
Trade Mark of each and every owner is entitled, the provision of a trade mark does not mean that he belongs to that entitlement.


You are assured of taking the facilities that we provide to you. We are not be held liable for any business failures or bankruptcy that gets caused to you.
We only provide our services through the web and do not give assurance for the websites functions, such as uptime.
We offer all our benefits on a non-refundable condition and whatever has been bought through us does not change the conditions prescribed. It is a final decision to purchase through us.


The Terms and Conditions stated here can be revised with a new set of policies and terms. Once the policies are changed the date of publishing is posted on the on the company’s website. Once the date of positing is reached, the new set of policies become effective. This is the completion of our policies made here and no additions are necessary.